About Angie

Who am I?

I am a patient and empathetic individual who is experienced in tutoring and teaching individual students and small groups.   I believe each student has their own learning style and I strive to find a path through math that works for them.  I have over 10 years experience with elementary and middle school students both in a classroom and in their home.  Students who have special needs are my specialty, as I have found I relate to their stories personally.  I work with students with emotional, behavioral and cognitive impairments on their terms while pushing gently enough to finish a course in a timely manner.

I love teaching math, mostly redoing problems until “we” get them understood.  I love helping a student understand what the author is trying to say in a story.  I find that confidence plays a huge role in the success of each student in any course they are learning.   I also find that students who struggle with math and/or reading will struggle with science most times.   I will integrate lessons so that math and reading comprehension are taught together if that is what a student requires.  

I will always work with a teacher or aide to assist the student in class lesson work, homework, quiz/test prep and possible pre –teaching of subject matter for a future lesson.   Each communication will be a collaborative effort between student, parent, teacher and myself.   I find the more I teach a level of math the more I learn.

When I'm not tutoring...

I enjoy crocheting for different charities and craft shows.  I support the VA with lap throws, the Linus Project with newborn blankets and hats for Crochet for Cancer.  My new thing is BULLET JOURNALING!  I have found it to be relaxing while I am getting work done.  My nieces call me Aunt Panda because I am an avid panda collector.  I love to watch the toddler pandas goof around on the zoo cameras.  

I recently moved to Kentucky from Michigan where I lived most of my life.  I have a son and a daughter who are currently attending colleges in Michigan for graphic design and music education respectively.  I love to watch my daughter perform in a Winterguard during winter/spring and teach Colorguard in the fall.  They will both graduate within the next couple years and hopefully move nearby.