About Melissa

Who am I?

I am an energetic and trustworthy individual who has experience teaching, coaching, tutoring, mentoring and directing.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Michigan University for teaching mathematics, speech, and drama.  I have been tutoring and teaching various levels of mathematics for over 15 years.  I have teaching experience in the public school system, in the charter school system, and with home-schooling.  I have tutoring experience at the middle school, high school, and college levels.  

I love teaching, and it shows in the success of my students.  Students who work with me see my enjoyment of math and feel more interested in the subject and less intimidated by the material they have yet to understand.  This breaking down of the mental barrier surrounding those pesky numbers allows students to not only learn the "what" but also the "how" and "why".  These concepts are so very important, especially with the complex material students are expected to master these days. It is pure joy for me to see the look on a student's face who finally "gets it". 

I believe that teaching is an art, not a science.  Different students have different ways of learning, and I tailor my lessons to meet their unique challenges.  I believe that every student has the ability to succeed if given the proper motivation and support.  I will not only do what I can, but also work with teachers and parents on how to provide this without compromising the integrity of the existing system.  I believe that teachers should share their mistakes with their students.  Students who have the opportunity to see that their teachers make mistakes, did not always have the correct answers, and otherwise are not perfect also see the value in their knowledge and experience.  Finally, I believe that I can learn as much from a student as that student can learn from me.  Everyone has something valuable to share.

When I'm not teaching...

I enjoy hanging out with my daughters, my husband, and our two dogs.  I like drawing, crafting, playing video games, riding my bike, and learning new things.  I have numerous drawing books and craft boxes filled with UFOs (unfinished objects) as well as many finished pieces, most of which I have given to friends and family.  I think art should be shared!  I delight in learning about other cultures and languages.  I have a limited proficiency in Spanish and am currently studying American Sign Language online until I raise the money for a college course of study.  

I was born and raised in Michigan, but I am glad we moved to Kentucky.  I like the warmer climate here.  On nice days, I will take my daughters to the park and enjoy the sunshine, or just toss a ball in the backyard for the dogs.  They're great at fetch, but not so keen on the idea of "bring it back".   I enjoy attending local events and seeing what the area has to offer.  It's wonderful how many community events La Grange and Louisville have to offer.