What did you think of your tutoring experience? Do you have a question for Melissa? Or do you just want to say hi?  Your comments, questions, and salutations are welcome and appreciated!

August 10, 2015VernaAround January of 2013, I hired Melissa to tutor my freshman daughter in Algebra. I was a homeschool mom who had no problems until I hit the Algebra wall!!! Melissa did a great job of teaching Maggie not only the concepts that she needed to learn (some of that is pure memorization) but also how to "read" Algebra (which later helped her in her geometry class at a private school here in Montgomery, AL.). When Maggie started her sophomore year in a private school the geometry teacher complimented me on how prepared she was (knowing that I had homeschooled her prior to this), I humbly replied, "Thank you but the only credit I can take is hiring the right person and writing the check!" Melissa is an AWESOME tutor and person. We became friends during her tutoring sessions in our home. When we moved away she continued with Maggie into the summer of 2013 via Skype and it worked like a dream!!!!! Thanks Melissa for giving Maggie the foundation in Algebra 1.....she has continued to excel in mathematics!!!!
August 5, 2014chris JacksonI have recently began recreating the logo for my business. I hired an outside company and it took them two weeks to complete the work. I asked Melissa to make some corrections and additions to their work. In no time at all she had completed everything that I was looking for.. She even went beyond my expectations and created a couple different forms that I use on a daily basis. Melissa is very talented and I really enjoy doing business with her and I look forward to doing more business with her in the very near future. A great person to know. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for this type of work.
October 30, 2013Shannon HarrisI have had a couple different experiences with Melissa, she is a great math tutor as well as a great person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IN MY BOOK.
August 31, 2013jason carwilemelissa has designed my web page from scratch, as well as hers. As you can tell, melissa is quite talented. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with getting started with small business, or maybe just recreational web design. Thank you melissa for your help, and continuing help. check out her work
2/7/2013 15:54:12AngieMelissa was very helpful to my 10th grade son who wasn't understanding the math for his Algebra II class. She took the time to explain why and what to do with the problems he was having until he felt confident to try again. After the first couple lessons he was able to enjoy math again and his grade has been rising ever since. Her patience and experience helped her find what way to teach my son so that he could understand the math.

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