Making math
make sense...
Are you searching for a math tutor in the La Grange, KY area? This is the place for you.

Melissa Mausolf is an experienced tutor who can help you make sense of mathematics.  Whether you're looking for short-term assistance, like test prep and concept review, or long-term support, Melissa can help you tame those wild numbers.  While middle school and high school math is her specialty, Melissa also offers tutoring for many college courses and standard tests.  If you would like assistance with something not listed under services offered, please contact Melissa about your specific needs.  Pricing varies by subject.

Angela Carwile is an experienced tutor and instructional aide who works primarily with PreK through High School Geometry. She has recently moved to Kentucky, and she works in a local school during the day. She specializes in students with exceptionalities (ADHD, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive).  She has ten years experience tutoring and teaching math and reading.

Why should you choose us?
Aside from having over 10 years experience tutoring and teaching, Melissa and Angie are dedicated to helping you succeed.  Different students learn in different ways, and we have the ability to present material with the individual in mind.  Each lesson is uniquely crafted to engage the student and has the potential to adjust and adapt to a learner's changing needs and level of understanding.  Melissa and Angie are also willing to interact with teachers and parents to find what best can serve the student in and out of the classroom.

Sometimes the difficulty a student experiences can be traced to a small gap in their understanding.  Other times it's more of an ongoing struggle.  We can identify the problem areas and create interesting lessons that not only close the gaps but also give preparation for future concepts.  Also, with a fairly flexible schedule, one of us is available at times many others are not, which is convenient for students with non-traditional schedules.

For more information, click on the links to the far left.  Also, be sure to check out Melissa Mausolf's Privacy Practices and Terms and Conditions.

"Melissa has the ability to not only break down a difficult subject for a student, but to watch them and actually see where they "lost it." She then presents a strategy to help them master it. She runs a highly professional tutoring service that is worth every penny. Melissa has my highest recommendation!"
     - Jeff Buschman

"Maggie is still doing GREAT in Geometry. She is even helping other students!! If Melissa Mausolf hadn't given her a good foundation last year, I don't think she would be doing as well!"
    - Verna Flotemersch

"Melissa is a very hard working, conscientious teacher.  She is on top of what needs to be done and gets it done right."
    - Jean Herta

"Melissa is a dedicated and hardworking teacher...  She works diligently to instill knowledge in her students and to promote learning." 
    - Andrea Dickson

"Melissa is committed to working with students in and out of the classroom... Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."  
    - Charles LaClear