Where do we tutor?
  • In the privacy of your own home.
    • Travel to your location is included in the rate if you live in our local area. Check out this nifty map.
    • Melissa will also tutor in her own home. Some times are only available if you're willing to drive here, based on the local school bussing schedule and other appointments.
  • Internet with the following programs:
    • Skype is recommended for real-time chat. It's free and convenient. It will work while other programs are active, which makes it especially useful for tutoring.
    • Microsoft OneNote OR Google Docs.
      • Microsoft OneNote is recommended because it automatically logs who said what, allows searchable drawings for more natural note-taking, and can be accessed offline for later reference.  Included with most versions of Microsoft Office, it can now be purchased at a much lower monthly rate.
      • Google Docs (also known as Google Drive) is free with a free gmail account. While the document creation programs are significantly limited compared to OneNote, it is the best free option I have found. Using the Document and Drawing programs together can facilitate visual and verbal learning.

Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 $30 per hour 
Algebra 2 $35 per hour 
Geometry $35 per hour 
Trigonometry $35 per hour 
Pre-Calculus and Calculus $40 per hour 
Business Statistics $40 per hour 
Projects or higher courses Contact Me 
Other services Contact Me 
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Tutoring sessions should be 1 to 2 hours long, depending on subject and availability.
  • Minimum tutoring session will be 1 hour for most students.  Why?
  • Students with exceptionalities may qualify for shorter tutoring sessions. Accommodations will be made only after a trial period and evaluation.
  • Longer sessions are available upon request. Should you desire a longer session time, we would recommend scheduling a break in the middle.

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