Melissa's Privacy Practices

Why Do You Collect My Personal Information?
Personal Information includes a wide range of data. Melissa Mausolf will only collect the personal information necessary to provide an acceptable level of individualized tutoring.  Such data includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address, Google account name, SkyDrive account name, Skype account name, the subject for which you desire tutoring, records of your sessions, hobbies and interests discussed while scheduling or during a session, and information required to process payment for services.  Melissa Mausolf uses this information to:
  • Personalize your tutoring sessions
  • Review past sessions, and provide them for your review
  • Complete your payment
  • Contact you about your experience
  • Respond to your requests for information and/or customer service

Melissa Mausolf DOES NOT sell your information to a third-party.

Federal Trade Commission Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
For students under the age of 13, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act says that Melissa Mausolf must have a parent/legal guardian's permission to collect and use their personal information.  In order to provide adequate service, Melissa Mausolf will need this permission before scheduling a tutoring session. If a parent/guardian of a minor student requests a scheduled appointment, Melissa Mausolf will email a copy of these Privacy Practices to the requestor.  The parent/guardian must consent to the collection of personal information via email before the session will be scheduled.  This permission can be revoked at any time via email, and Melissa Mausolf will delete/destroy the information collected within 30 days.  However, revoking this permission will cause Melissa Mausolf to cancel and refuse any future tutoring services until such permission can be granted again.  Revoking permission within the 24 hours prior to a session's start time does not remove the parent/guardian/responsible party from the responsibility of payment for services.

Personal information is collected directly from the student and/or parent/guardian and also through the use of Google gadgets.  The only Personal Information collected will be that which is voluntarily given.  Melissa Mausolf does not use cookies to collect Personal Information, but Google sites may.  To see a copy of Google’s Privacy Policies, please visit

Who Do You Share My Information With?
Melissa Mausolf shares your personal information with those who pay for your sessions and with those vendors who help her process payment.  

If your parent/guardian, your school, and/or an independent organization pays for a portion or all of your tutoring session, Melissa Mausolf may share your personal information with them at their request.  This may include transcripts of your tutoring sessions and any written communication you leave on Melissa Mausolf's tutoring website. If you pay for your own sessions, except in the case of minor students, Melissa Mausolf will not share your personal information with your parent/guardian, school, or any independent organization.  Information gathered in the Guestbook section of this site, with exception of your email address, is considered public view.  Please be sure that anything you post in the Guestbook section of the site is suitable for public view.  You may request that information posted there be removed from public view via the Contact Me section of this website.  Please include your name, email, the date of the comment, and a snippet of the comment to be removed.  Melissa Mausolf will remove it at her earliest convenience, with no guarantee as to the result of public access from the time of post to the time of removal.

If you participate in any promotional programs offered by Melissa Mausolf, she may let the source of the promotional program know of your use.  For instance, if Melissa Mausolf offers a discounted tutoring rate to someone who refers another student, she may let the referring party know you scheduled a session.  Melissa Mausolf will not share details of the session or its scheduling information with the referring party unless they have arranged for partial or full payment of your tutoring session.

Melissa Mausolf shares your personal information with the vendors that help her process payments, such as PayPal and her and your bank/credit union (for payment by check).  The information shared with these parties is subject to their privacy practices, which require them to keep your personal information confidential.  

Your personal information may be used in the recovery of past-due balances.

Melissa Mausolf may share your personal information if formally requested by law enforcement agencies or if Melissa Mausolf deems it necessary to protect someone from possible injury.

External Links
Some links on Melissa Mausolf's Tutoring site redirect to third-party vendors and services.  Melissa Mausolf has no say in the creation or regulation of these sites and cannot be held responsible for their use of your personal information.  Please do not provide your personal information to them unless you agree to their respective Privacy Practices.

Contact Melissa
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Melissa Mausolf's Privacy Policy, you may contact her through the Contact Me section of the site.